Keeping history alive for generations to come.

Whether it's an old family photograph from the early 1900's that's faded and torn, a curled negative from the 1800's or a wedding photograph from the 1970's that's faded and stuck to the glass. I offer a full restoration (and enlargement) service that strives to bring those old memories back to life.

Every project is quoted prior to starting. I always scan the original, work by hand in the digital domain and produce a new print. My aim is to provide you with a print that matches how the original would have looked when it was new, even down to recommending what paper it should be printed on.

I also offer a very competitive digital archive service for old negatives, prints and slides, saving them to disc for you to view on your PC or TV.

I can work on prints of pretty much any size using scanners and specialist lenses. When it comes to film, I pretty much have it covered, being able to scan 35mm slides, 6x6 slides, 35mm film, 120/220 medium format film and 5x4 & 10x8 transparencies. I can even scan glass plate negatives and old lantern slides of all sizes up to 10x8 in size.

Here's an example of a recent restoration from start to finish, with further examples below.
Restoration 2017-1
Restoration 2017-2
Mildred Proctor by RJ Photo Restoration Web
RJPhoto Restoration
Peter Cope Restoration by RJP
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