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Coming Soon: All new photography workshops!
These new workshops are based around my very popular courses, but break down each lesson into individual workshops, allowing you to pick and choose which one best suits you, your ability and interest. These workshops will be expanded as time goes on, and will last between 2 - 5 hours. They will be available as group and individual sessions, Tuesday to Saturday.

The workshops will be (subject to tweaks when I complete writing them!)
1. Introduction to your camera. What all those buttons do, what those menu features do, what all the terminology means.
2. Focus and composition. How to improve your compositions using tried and tested rules and how to make your camera's focusing options help you.
3. Exposure Control. How to take control of exposure, using the different modes, functions and filters to improve your photography.
4. Aperture Priority Mode. How to take control of depth of field to isolate your subject and hyperfocal distance for landscapes.
5. Shutter Priority Mode. How to photograph a moving object or how to take long exposures.
6. Photographing the family. How to improve your family photographs, from composition, out of focus areas to pets on the run.
7. Photographing the holiday. How to improve your holiday photography, from taking photographs of the family to landscapes, cityscapes and indoors.
8. Makro Photography. How to photograph details and small objects, using makro lenses, both in natural light and artificial light using ring lighting.
9. The flash. How to photograph using a flash gun, both on and off camera and the benefits of lighting modifiers and multi-flash set-ups.
10. Lightroom. How to get a grip of Adobe Lightroom, from importing images, through cataloguing them, developing them, printing and exporting.
11. Photoshop. How to understand Photoshop in all its complex glory, from image management, through layers, complex retouching to colour profiling.
12. On Location 1 - landscapes.
13. On location 2 - cityscapes.

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My 5 day course is still available too.

Module 1
Introduction to Photography and your Camera

Also known as…

“Why don’t my photographs turn out like I think they should?”

From the novice to the enthusiast, this course aims to provide you with the skills needed to take your photography to the next level. Whether for landscapes, holidays, family snapshots, indoors or out, the course covers the basics on approach, how to use your camera, composition, exposure and processing.

All lessons are hands on with your camera, so you get to learn how to improve your photography with the camera you own.

Set over five lessons on a Saturday, each lasting up to two and half hours. This module is designed for beginners, enthusiasts and amateurs alike; for those who would like to get more from their photography; for those who don’t really know how the camera operates; and those wanting to improve their compositional skills.

Lesson 1: Introduction to Photography and your camera, how to improve your compositional and focus skills.

Lesson 2: Exposure - how to expose the shot correctly, from metering methods to exposure compensation, to the use of filters and flash.

Lesson 3: Aperture and Shutter Priority modes - let's get creative with depth of field and action shots! Plus macro and hyperfocal skills.

Lesson 4: Field trip to put everything into practise and get hands on advice.

Lesson 5: Selection, cropping and processing your photographs, including introduction to Lightroom and Photoshop.

Cost: £180 per person. Payable in instalments (deposit then one lesson in advance with nothing to pay on lesson 4) or in one lump sum at the start. Gift Vouchers are available for any value contribution to the course.

(One to one also available from £250 with flexible scheduling on a week day.)

Please get in touch if you're interested in this course.

A typical Module 1 field trip gets under way.